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Its specs sheet might be small and its abilities understated, but that doesn't mean this handset couldn't teach your current smartphone powerhouse a thing or two. If the following Nokia features were on the likes of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 , we wouldn't get so excited about our annual upgrade rolling around.

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The Nokia 's battery life is a thing of legend. Capable of going weeks between power-ups, charging this thing was a novelty rather than a chore. You could fall into a coma, wake up, recover and you'd still not needed to have connected this magical little machine to the mains. With the new model offering similar month-long staying power on standby, there's 22 hours of continuous talk time , it's only a reminder of how our need for nightly smartphone charges is a modern-day nightmare. The days of black-and-white smartphones might be over, but the additional colour schemes on offer still tend to be on the safe side.

Despite their painfully bad names like "Striking Black", "Prestige Gold" and "Really Blue" — all genuine smartphone colours — phones just don't pack the attention-grabbing punch they used to. If silver, gold or the pinkish tones of whatever rose gold is supposed to be aren't for you, there's very little choice in the high-end handset space.

That's why we want the new 's face-meltingly bright fluorescent yellow paint job to be a compulsory option on all future phones, just like the building site hi-vis that clearly inspired it. Just as fashion dictates that our jeans must grow skinnier and tighter, the tech scene has insisted that the phones we carry around need to be as big as that Filofax your grandad still insists on owning.

Yes, the new Nokia 's Capable of fitting in the palm of your hand thanks to its sub-sized 2. One for the iPhone 7 owners here, as the new Nokia offers a feature missing from the most luxurious of all the high-end handsets: support for traditional cabled headphones. Apple might have ditched the standard 3. The base-mounted 3. It's portable audio as intended — the plug, play, party approach that doesn't come with vibe-troubling battery concerns.

When the original Nokia came out, you were near enough limited to one on-the-move gaming option. Fortunately, that just happened to be the best mobile game there ever was, is or ever will be — Snake. The new Nokia might have jazzed it up, but it's back and bringing all the nostalgia feels with it. Now, iPhone and Android owners have hundreds of thousands of games to choose, some to rival your console offerings, but things just aren't the same.

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Spy phone nokia 3310

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      Spy phone nokia 3310

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