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View, track, read any device data online - anytime anywhere. Appmia is simply a must for any top executive. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for mSpy. I also like that I can adjust settings, deciding which contacts, sites or apps to block or allow. I can also block any suspicious contacts, if such occur. A nice choice for modern parents.

Safeguarding kids is of key importance for every parent. And mSpy helps me keep an eye on my daughter when I cannot be close to her. I highly recommend it! And a friend of mine recommended me mSpy. I like it! If upgrading to 10 do make a system image backup just before the upgrade and keep it separate from any backup made after the upgrade just in case 10 is not liked or does not work for you. Leo has an article on creating a Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7. Personally, I have all of my frequently used programs and folders pinned to the Task Bar using small icons.

I now prefer it to the Quick Launch. I have never had any trouble with windows 7 or 8 or 8. Windows 10 has caused me a lot of stress and aggravation. It keeps wanting to download over and over again and causing me to lose all my data. I cannot find a solution to this problem. I was excited about win 10 being an insider. My Windows 8. I find it extremely useful to have the file list available offline, even if the content is only accessible online.

That allows me to conserve hard drive space and still be able to know what information I have to access. I asked MS why is this problem occuring with Windows 10? Is there a way to fix it? If not now, does Microsoft have a definite plan to fix this? Do they even acknowledge this as an issue? For myself it is an important enough feature to stick with 8. If I upgraded to win 10 on my machine which now runs Win 7 Pro and decide to keep 10, then the Win 7 license seems to be free to use on another machine. Would I then be able to put the Win 7 Pro on another computer that cannot run Win 10, It is rarely hooked up to the internet but most of the time is hooked up to my home network.

So can I install the unused Win 7 on another machine?

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One that now has Win XP on it? Your Windows 7 key becomes the Windows 10 key. This is one of the many problems of using propriety software such as Windows: you are not free to use it as you like. I find the free in freedom more important than the free in free beer. You are hitting one of those limitations too here.

Indeed, if it has XP, it must be a rather old machine, and linux being much leaner than windows 7 or 8, runs quite well on old hardware. I suggest Ubuntu as a linux distro, because it is by far the most user-friendly distro around for people making their first steps into the free software world.

On most old hardware, it installs like a dream. My understanding is that, no, the Windows 7 license does not become available by the update. If we did I think I should get the Geek Squad or someone like that to do it for us. He has Windows 7 Professional so he would get Windows 10 Professional upgrade. I, however, have Windows 7 home so I would get Windows 10 home, which as was stated above would be not so good.

Would it be possible to put the saved Windows 10 Professional on both our machines? I have been doing weekly periodic backups, both full disc images and data files, to an external USB HD. I suppose I long for a clean install. I understand that I need to do this in several steps, so could anyone describe the best way to do a clean Win 10 installation with the ability to salvage my very large Win 7 data archives? I get the feeling that MS has made this difficult for some reason known only to them, but I did a Win 10 clean install on an old Win 7 laptop 6 months ago scrubbed empty first and so far, Win 10 continues to run and update on this machine without any issues.

In the future, will MS be able to tell if I have done a naughty clean install, and somehow penalize me? Perform a full image backup. Install Windows 10 from scratch. Install all your apps from scratch. Restore your data from your backup. So far, so good. Configuring Win 10 was straightforward except for the fact that each fork in the road had a HUGE button to continue down the recommended road to Oz, and a tiny link typically way off to the left, under other text that opened a custom config page. Wel the time had come to byte the bullet and upgrade from Win 7 pro to Win The spinner spun but nothing downloaded.

After several hours aborted that for more research. Further advice included removing all security software and minimizing any Start up tasks and scanning the hard disk for errors. The benefit seems to me to separate the download task from the upgrade task in case either gets stuck and to have the media to restart or reinstall.

I am not sure exactly how that works.

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NB: The printers will print just fine. It may be helpful to understand the workflow involved in hardware and software compatibility. Each manufacturer writes their own software and drivers. Probably not too helpful for your exact situation… except it tells you who to complain to! Thanks for your note, Connie. I get that. The permanent updating seems like more of a business model than a technical issue.

Instead of releasing a new OS, Microsoft will be releasing an update to Windows 10, which in some cases will be as much of a change as an new OS with only the name remaining the same. That would save Microsoft from having to support so many systems as everybody would be automatically upgraded to the latest version. I agree with Mark on this for sure. And also with Leo when he explains the incredibly complex nature of computer programming.

Sometimes you reach a point where the original thinking on the project has to be scrapped and started all over. We can expect the same with operating systems for many years into the future. I could certainly envision changes in future updates that would require device driver updates that manufacturers might elect not to apply across all models and all drivers.

I am writing for some advice. Dell says the drivers have not been updated for this model for Windows 10 so it may not work. MS says my computer meets the 4 criteria for the upgrade and they will help me with the install after I backup my PC. I am currently running Vista.

I am not great with computers and I am wondering if I should just leave it as is or maybe upgrade to something else. I really appreciate the help. As long as you perform a system image backup, you should be able to revert to your previous working Vista installation. I just tried the W10 upgrade and had a major problem.

mobile spy free download windows vista sp2 boot cd

I lost connection to WiFi. After trying several of the suggested fixes from google postings I gave up. After a frustrating day at my laptop I reverted back to my good old 8. Perhaps my vpn was a problem but I never figured it out. Leo, I must be a slow learner when it comes to computers self-taught with a few courses at the senior community college level but when you say you should back up you whole machine, wheat do you mean?

I do back up documents, photo, etc but I have no idea how to backup my whole machine. Can you give me directions or where to go to learn how to do a complete computer back-up? I was a happy Windows 8. That being said I waited until several updates to Windows 10 had been released, and then I switched. Windows 10 is much faster in operation than 8. The best example being the time it takes to copy and move files. Windows 10 screams in comparison. No, problems have arisen, no crashes, no stalls. It just works. And, I did an upgrade, not a clean install. All my apps works great. There is a learning curve.

Things are in different places then they were before, but not hard to find. All in all I highly recommend you switch. Leo Along with many people I am having trouble with Win Thank you for all you do. It might magically happen to you — if your operating system is Windows 7 or Windows 8.

My research told me that one older, very expensive program that my wife uses Adobe PageMaker 7 and likes might or might not work in Windows It looks as though it may. I hope I can decide on this for myself without Microsoft pushing it on me without a choice. If I choose to upgrade to 10, I intend to backup all my files first and backup a system image of Windows 7 as it is at that time.

Key features

Then I understand you can go back to using your previous operating system version. I have Windows 7 and no problems and I do have the windows 10 icon in the bottom right section of my screen.

I have not heard anything that great about windows Why Microsoft has to always change things I do not know other than to make more money and make people miserable except for the geeks out there. I am waiting to see how many bugs Microsoft will find in 10!! Dell advised not to upgrade to Win Thanks Dell! I have lots of graphics peripherals. Everything works beautifully. We changed to Windows 10 when it first became available last year.

I thought it would be a great upgrade in all ways as you are always led to believe. However, after the installation, our computer froze and we could literally do nothing. I believe it was a miracle that we were able to restore Windows 7 which came with the PC as the original operating system which is about years old.

Now, however, for the past several months, we are experiencing constant crashes and errors for recovering web page whenever we try to bring up a site or video and I personally believe it has something to do with the MS system updates being for 10 vs. Best way I know to describe it. I realize the free offer is only good until later next month and I wonder if there is anything we could do differently to enhance or ensure that it would work if we tried it again.

Updates to Windows 7 are only updates that apply to Windows 7. I suspect other issues at play. I also wanted to allow time in case I had to back out. I could hear the drive spinning occasionally, but the screen showed nothing. Eventually I decided that the process was hung and opened the laptop case, intending to cycle power. After that, the screen looked washed out and text and images were smaller than before. I was able to adjust, but it was a bit of work just to get back to where I was before the upgrade. When I changed the default back to the correct device the printer worked fine.

I ended up deleting the existing display drivers and rebooting yet another time. It seems to have worked; my last driver message was over 24 hours ago. Many of the sounds associated with things like arriving email changed. Not a big deal, but I was accustomed to the way it was. Also it seems subjectively that the arriving mail sound is louder than sounds that I play.

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The upgrade changed my default browser from Firefox to Edge. The first time I launched Firefox it asked me if I wanted to make it my default browser. Instead of just doing it as I believe it had in the past , it took me to System Settings where I had to find the default browser setting and change it. Again, more work just to get back to where I started. In all fairness, my girlfriend, a confirmed technophobe, either failed to opt out or clicked the wrong thing and Windows 10 installed on her PC unexpectedly.

Her installation went smoothly and everything worked afterwards. I had a similar experience on an older laptop that I keep around just for testing this sort of thing. But it seems to me that all the improvements must be under the covers, because the user interface, while different from Windows 8, is no better. I have an oldish pc.. Neither do I want to be without my computer should everything go pear-shaped. What problems can I expect.. Almost all of the problems with the upgrade that I know about have come from Ask Leo! But to give a sarcastic answer. But seriously if you do upgrade, back up first.

With older machines the biggest issue is simply things not working. Depending on the age of the machine it could be everything, or it could be something inconsequential — or nothing at all. In some post you asked about why people feel the way that they do about Windows Windows The arrogance of Microsoft. The ASUS laptop was about four years old. My son, who is also in the field, also spent hours upon hours tweaking and messing with it. I like my files to have the the file extension displayed.

Primary Case: Windows NT 3. They limited the number of simultaneous connections and destroyed the Netscape Webserver market. That was just wrong. They changed an Operating System to gain a competitive edge for their software and screwed the consumer of their OS. Chinese Wall? I think not. Stac Technology. Maybe Apple will be no better. I will find it hard to believe that it can be worse. The iPhone had a hardware problem.

Steve, you have hit the nail on the head. Microsoft is arrogant. With every new version of Windows, Microsoft has forced users to do things differently just because Microsoft thinks they have a better idea. As long as people keep putting up with this, Microsoft will keep doing it. I have advised customers who can get 10 free to do it even if they go back to 7 for now. However I would never advise them to actually pay for it. It is secure, stable, and fast. At least give it a try.

Distributions such as Lubuntu and Zorin are quite Windows-like. If you need to run Windows programs then dual boot. The small changes that are made with each iteration of Windows — and OS X and Chrome OS and Linux — may seem unnecessary and can sometimes be confusing but, over time, they add up to an improved OS and a better user experience. The lower prices for Chromebooks leads me to believe Google is subsidizing the cost in exchange for the data they can collect.

I might be wrong about this, but my take is switching to Chromebook means switching who you are giving your information to from Microsoft to Google. Is there a way to save the Win 10 upgrade installation files so I can use it in future when I reinstall? Perform a system image backup of your Windows 10 installation before reverting to 7, and backup up your current version of Windows 7 before upgrading to be able to revert easily. Search Ask Leo! Be sure to specify the correct version i.

Home, Pro, Ultimate. Use it to upgrade your existing if you wish or, use the Window Icon in the task bar; your choice.

Thereafter, Win can be reinstalled on that machine and will automatically be activated due to the previous registration process. We us 7 to get Media Center and 10 for all else. Best of both worlds. On the issue regarding Windows 10 collecting data through telemetry. I am aware that I am not interesting to collect data on the exact way I use my computers, but Microsoft should have made the collecting of data very clear, not buried in the User Agreement.

Second, if they want data Microsoft should compensate the users of their operating system for the use their data. If Correct update doesnt do that for you. There was also something that could be turned off so this would not happen, can anybody elaborate on this. They are using the statistical data from that information in a similar manner as Google to serve up targeted ads, but again not personal information is given out or sold by Microsoft.

How much more reliable can you get than Microsoft? Also, when device encryption is on, Windows automatically encrypts the drive Windows is installed on and generates a recovery key. We should be concerned about privacy, but we need to be looking at the big picture — and pushing for better legislation and protection — rather than worrying about whether Microsoft, Google, Apple et al are peeking at our emails. We also share data with Microsoft-controlled affiliates and subsidiaries; with vendors working on our behalf; when required by law or to respond to legal process; to protect our customers; to protect lives; to maintain the security of our services; and to protect the rights or property of Microsoft.

See my reference above. We may combine personal information from one service with information, including personal information, from other Google services — for example to make it easier to share things with people you know. We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary….. Well I am still using win 7 and yet for the first time in almost 20 years of internet use, a week ago I started getting emails from spammers with my FULL name?

How is this possible? Is it a fault with win7 as Leo says, i. Man, the future looks grim for internet users if the latter is true. There are many places where spammers can get your full name. Often, that would be from the contact lists of hacked email accounts. Spammers use a variety of ways to get your full name, none of them indicate a privacy issue with Windows. Windows 10? I will not turn updates on again.

I have uninstalled ALL so-called non-security updates on these two machines going back two years.

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I will keep these two Windows 7 laptops as is until malware destroys them. Microsoft is a vile company. Totally without integrity. Probably not for long. Thank you and goodbye. Do you really know what Apple is doing behind the scenes? I would be just as concerned with a company that has proprietary hardware as I am with Microsoft. Monitoring is getting out of control. I am not a Linux fanatic, pretty much a newbie actually, but I really think it is the answer. Open source, not proprietary Microsoft or Apple. Find a good IT person and let them set it up.

Might cost a little more tech time initially but after that, less problems in the long run. Linux systems are no less prone to problems than Windows or OS X systems. As ever, Leo, your articles are informative and helpful. The Surface tablet and Windows phone both run Windows 10 and work fine. Because I use the Surface tablet more and more, I use the Q less and less.

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  • We know and accept that Google, Apple, Yahoo, and all the social media sites collect and sell our information. But when it comes to Microsoft, we get agitated because it was one of the last holdouts and, unfortunately, it has joined the bandwagon. If MS truly mines personal data with Windows 10, then it will have more monitoring capability than any government on earth.

    The other frustrating aspect of Windows 10 and the direction that MS has taken ever since XP is to continually lock down its OS and make it more difficult for users to use the OS as they want to. Once upon a time Windows and MS applications were backward and forward compatible with all MS products, but no longer. If the OS version changed or was updated, then every application on the system needed to change to be compatible with the new OS. And since the proprietary applications were too expensive to buy, customers rented them. Bill created got bastardized into a big, bloated corporate leach.

    They understand that Google, Yahoo and Facebook etc. Using Google, Yahoo and Facebook are all choices people make. Nobody is forced to use Windows any more than they are forced to use Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Supply and demand….. No, Windows 10 is not spying on you.

    Nor is OS X. On the contrary, the data is used for the benefit of users. Which is exactly what the majority of people want. I have decided not to upgrade to Win10 from Win7 now, and not even make a backup copy of it. Nobody has actually clearly expressed WHY I should upgrade. That it is free is no good reason. On the contrary, knowing it is free makes me suspicious — no free lunches.

    If it were NOT free, I would be more willing to upgrade. I will wait until support for Win7 ends, perhaps they have a new Windows available again by that time -free or not. I perform a full image backup on the first of each month and an incremental back up each night using Macrium Reflect paid version. On July 18 I did the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and it went very well. The next run time was scheduled for last night, but it did not happen. I note also that I have two copies of my external backup drive with the same drive letter and they appear to be identical.

    I suspect that the scheduled image backup will not be performed on August 1st. What can I do to ensure the schedule incremental backup will be run each night as well as the Image backup at the beginning of next month? Should I also attempt to delete one of the superfluous drives? Since you have a completely new schedule, run a full system backup from scratch and start you incremental schedule form that one.

    Then stop the other one from running. Thank you for the reply Mark. I decided to use another external hard drive and was able to do a fresh backup from scratch since I was unable to do so on the original drive. The original drive still shows on my PC and I was wondering if there is a way to stop it from running. I have physically removed it from the PC but it still shows up as an external drive. This now deleted it from appearing under File Explorer. There is a problem, when I open two or more excel. The excel taskbar button will only appear on the primary monitor.

    If I only open one excel file, I can move the excel file to the secondary monitor and the excel taskbar button will appear on the taskbar of the secondary monitor. All other programs are work fine, the taskbar button will appear on the taskbar where the program window is displayed. Only Excel and a program called Password Agent has the problem, the program taskbar button will always appear only on the primary monitor, even if I drag the program to secondary monitor.

    I am using Excel , please help if there is any solution to make Excel taskbar button appear on the taskbar of the monitor that the opened Excel window is?

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    The black screen seems to be a bug anyway, because it appears to be at startup. If you use 8 or 10, Classic Shell helps tremendously for either OS, but 8 is the lighter, faster, more customizable of them. I realize this is an old thread, but thought I would share my experience. I did not upgrade from Win7 to Win10 immediately as I was concerned about bugs and wanted to give MS the time to work things out. We have an older laptop, Dell Vostro , bought in It was very slow to boot and sluggish all around, so when I heard that I could still upgrade for free in January , I decided to give it a try.

    I thought I made a restore point, DOH. I did back up all the files on a large thumbdrive. Anyway, right after upgrading I was pretty happy as the machine booted more quickly and I actually liked the new layout of Win Then the problems started. The graphics would simply fail and the system would tell me it was a driver problem with the Nvidia card. Numerous resets and downloads and the problem never went away. Anyway, I read somewhere that I can simply disable the Nvidia card and allow the system to use the Intel Video hardware. Problem solved!

    Things go along pretty good for about a month and then it happens…the computer starts to crash right in the middle of something. The screen goes black, sort of. It kind of pulsates between black and heat lightning and locks up. No amount of pressing buttons gets it out of this, except holding down the power button.

    Machine powers down and then you can restart with no problem, no system recovery screens pop up and when restarting the Firefox browser, it simply asks if I want to restore the page I was working on, YES, then all is forgiven until the next crash. It crashes every hour or so. The machine runs crazy hot now and I think the crash is a hardware safety due to the heat issue. Something in Win10 makes the Vostro run hotter than on Win7. The box seemed to work fine up to a critical Win10 update, but I could be mistaken on that. I do have an automatic restore prior to this update, so I am considering going back to that date.

    I also have the hard documentation for the Vostro, including the Win7 DVDs, but I hate to do a full system reinstall as this will take hours and hours. The latest update of Windows 10 stopped working because after much contact with HP and finally with Microsoft, I found out that my McAfee conflicted with Windows Defender. I had to stop using the McAfee so I could log into windows.

    Microsoft said all I need is the Defender. Comments violating those rules will be removed. Comments that don't add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam. All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read.

    Ask Leo! Contact My Account 0. Like so many things, it depends. Podcast audio.