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Additionally, it can locate deleted text messages and track the phone using GPS. There are multiple options on the market for cell phone spy apps similar to Easy Spy, but this has the most robust options at a far more affordable price. That is by far the most common question we get around here and the answer is yes, you can spy on a cell phone without having it or without installing software to it.

While it is possible to spy on an iPhone without having it or without installing software, the same is not possible for an Android phone. To spy on an iPhone, you can use the Apple ID and password of the users phone to login to the spy companies service, which covertly accesses the iCloud account and uploads its contents to a secure online account which they provide for you.

When spying on an Android, it is necessary to first install the spy app to the phone you want to spy on. If you are in the market for an Android phone we can't recommend it enough. And you would save some money buying the LG over upgrading to the most recent high-end iPhone. Go for Android if that is what you want, but if like us you are dyed-in-the-wool iPhone users, the premium is worth paying. While the S4 and Nexus 5 are still very good phones in their own right and offer better value for money, the iPhone 5S has a sturdier build, features a superior camera and comes loaded with improved security software.

But with the S4's lifecycle close to its end and the newer Samsung Galaxy S5 expected to make its debut in the next few months, this could change sooner rather than later. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, though. The iPhone 5S is more of a phone than some of the Android behemoths that straddle the realm of tablets, and it's a pleasure to use day-to-day. But — as it offers a better display, similarly top-end performance and costs half the price — it's undeniable Google is gradually gaining ground on Apple, leaving everything to play for in Both firms have increase the price of their smartphone compared to the previous generation but there is a big gap between them.

See also: Nexus 5: Where to buy. That's the kind of value for money which is hard to argue with but there could well be things that make you pay the extra for the iPhone so we'll look at design, hardware and software. The iPhone 5s evolution definitely keeps Apple as a major player in the smartphone race and should give it a nice boost going into the holiday season. The key points of the iPhone 5s for me are the: improved camera, the single-core performance and the new fingerprint reader since they all add to a better user experience.

There's always an apathy with any kind of 'S' device from Apple, as it's historically just the same thing made a little bit better. It's true the advances on the iPhone 5S are few, but the ones that are there are very impressive indeed. So to say this is the best iPhone yet is relatively pointless, as of course it was going to be.

But the combination of iOS 7 to freshen things up with a powerful core and great camera mean that this phone should be considered on its own considerable merits, and while the high price will continue to put many off, anyone already wedded to the iPhone bandwagon, or even if they're just on the fence, will find a lot of joy in a phone that's a lot more than an iterative update. If you desire a phone that pushes the bounds of tablet territory like a Galaxy Note 3 and you want more freedom over the OS, keep looking.

While the iPhone 5S doesn't have as good a screen as the Samsung Galaxy S4 it does feature a significantly better camera, longer battery life, more robust security features and, for those who can afford it, increased storage options. Apple introduces Touch ID and beefs up the internal specs of the iPhone, but the fundamental design of its predecessor is retained. The 5s is one of the best performing handsets on the market, but is not the best value. Those with a 4S or 4 are in for a treat, though. As well as serious performance gains, the bigger screen and lighter weight make a huge difference, and the fingerprint scanner is a bonus.

However, those impressed by the current crop of large-screen smartphones or looking for an overhaul of the Apple smartphone rather than a few handy tweaks might not rush out to buy. Apple is clearly looking to future-proof its handset while offering developers the opportunity to take advantages of its bit architecture, A7 chip and M7 Coprocessor. But then this is a statement of intent. The camera is extraordinary. Touch ID is revolutionary. The iPhone 5s is a stunner today, but expect the real fun to come tomorrow. The company is using last year's mechanical design by and large, anyway , but this year's iOS.

It's quite clear from iOS 7's colorful motif that the operating system was designed with the also-colorful iPhone 5c line in mind. It's practically future proof. We say practically because you can't stretch the corners of this phone to enlarge the display. However, the iPhone 5s is much more powerful, has a better rear camera and a useful fingerprint reader. Had the 5s launched with a bigger, more pixel-packed display, it could very well be going back to the top of our list of the best smartphones in the world. As it is, Android still reigns supreme. At least it does until the 6in iPhone 6 comes out next year.

Got that, Apple? In a heartbeat. The camera, convenience, and performance increases make that a no-brainer decision for smartphone power users. That trifecta of talents also makes a strong case against the top-tier Android devices, too: Apple still dominates the market for hand-friendly phones with flagship performance. Yes, though that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Apple took a good product and made it better through hardware upgrades, new features and completely revamped software. The 5s is a solid effort from Apple, but its true worth is yet to be determined. We will be able to give a more definitive verdict as to which smartphone is the best once we do a full review of the iPhone 5s. The build is great, as always, and we like what we see in terms of new features. One to watch. We'll give you a decisive verdict once we've fully tested the iPhone 5S.

Hands on: iPhone 5S review Source: Techradar The iPhone 5S isn't a market-leading device in so many ways; but then again, that's never been Apple's strategy, and that's a good thing. And if you're one of those that deserted the platform after poor battery problems or signal issues, you'll especially like the iPhone 5S, which feels like one of Apple's most stable devices to date while carrying on the tradition of a close eye on premium design.

There are some notable differences, namely the larger flash which means some iPhone 5 cases won't fit properly , the steel-rimmed Home button more on that later and the all-new colour finish option, but aside from those it's nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor. Every year, the Californians present a new iPhone.

The latest version has a nice design overhaul and the display is now 0. However, the impression is affected by iOS 8, which is not completely smooth yet, with WLAN dropouts and shorter battery runtimes. The iPhone 6 was eclipsed by the iPhone 6S, and we reckon it's now a little long in the tooth. If money is not an issue, these are indeed meaningful improvements across the board with the iPhone 6s, so you have a good enough reason to upgrade from the 6.

Gamers should also be excited about the A9 and 3D Touch in games.

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For all the rest that are looking for a more practical reason to upgrade rose gold does not count and are more or less on budget, we'd say you'll be perfectly OK if you just stick with the iPhone 6 for another year. Should you buy the new iPhone 6s or stick with last year's model? That said, if you've already got the iPhone 6 it's well worth considering whether you really need those extra features, as it's no small investment. It can compete with features and specs of smartphones twice the price, which makes it great value for money.

But which is ultimately better? The design of both phones is great, even though each manufacturer has used different materials in the construction. If you are a power user, who likes being able to control almost everything on their device, or just really enjoys having various features, go with the G4. You also get a removable back cover, so if your daily life includes a lot of traveling and not many opportunities to charge your phone, you can just make a quick swap. Although it's more expensive, the Galaxy S6 is the better smartphone here thanks to its extra storage, impressive Quad HD screen, awesome camera and extra gadgets like the IR blaster and heart rate monitor.

A big factor here is software, though, so if you don't want Android then the iPhone 6 is the phone for you. In-depth comparison: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Source: Laptop Media Both smartphones have great-looking premium design, good displays and high performance. Which comes on top is up to the users themselves. If you want to be able to tweak almost everything, go with the Galaxy S6. They both have stand-out features as well as downfalls, so it's going to be a case of weighing up the features you consider to be most important in a smartphone.

For example, if you want an exceptionally good camera or enjoy taking lots of selfies you might want to opt for the LG G4, but for a slimmer, more compact smartphone you'll be better off choosing the iPhone 6. If those nuances are not all that important, though, you can stay assured that both phones are great in most other aspects. It is a welcome change — synthetic tests are fun to look at and to compare numbers but they were never very representative of what real-world experiences users see on their own devices.

Synthetics still have a place to set expectations for hardware and to allow us to compare processor capabilities, but I am looking forward to adding GameBench to our standard suite of benchmarks for upcoming phone and tablet reviews. The Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 won four rounds each, but for us the Samsung handset has a definite edge.

Featuring a superior display and better camera, battery and general performance the Galaxy S6 is currently the best smartphone out there. Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Source: V3. Featuring a sharper display, better camera, longer battery life and superior front and back cameras, the Galaxy S6 is one of the finest smartphones ever made.

However, housing a more original metal design, future proof software and improved security, there is still plenty to like about the iPhone 6. If you want an Android phone that adds that cool factor with overall very solid performance, the S6 edge is the one to get. The iPhone 6 still has the advantage of more apps and games, as well as the perfected iOS 8 experience.

For most other things, there is parity — you really can't go wrong with either of the two phones. Intergalactic camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Note 4 vs. A full year divides the Galaxy S5 and S6 and between them there was distinct improvement. The Galaxy Note 4 is more recent and benefits from some of the same camera improvements that the S6 boasts, most notably, the Sony IMX sensor and the optical image stabilization. You could even argue that this Samsung smartphone looks a teeny weeny bit like an iPhone 6.

Indeed, the bottom of the Galaxy S6 is very similar to the iPhone 6 with drilled holes for the speaker, a central USB port and the headphone jack. The Samsung is ever so slightly thinner, though - just 6. Funnily enough, Samsung made a few jibes at Apple at its launch event, pointing out that this super-thin phone won't bend. An iPhone with a larger screen works very well indeed, so much so that we wonder why Apple didn't do it sooner.

But the question is: has Apple done enough? In some respects, we'd say they have: battery life is excellent, the display largely superb, the camera as good as any we've seen bar the Lumia , and when it comes to performance, the iPhone 6 kicks every other smartphone on the market into touch.

The unique, water-resistant design, great battery life and stellar display make the Xperia Z3 one of the best smartphones we've ever seen. And offering slightly faster performance and more up-to-date software there is still plenty to like about both the iPhone 6 and Nexus 6. Featuring a luxurious metal design, stellar screen, wealth of enterprise security services and above average battery, the iPhone 6 Plus is a great smartphone for anyone in Apple's ecosystem.

That said, for those embedded in ecosystems outside Apple's, there is still plenty to like about Google's and Samsung's phablets, which both feature superior rear cameras and an equally impressive array of enterprise productivity services. Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 review Source: V3. This is largely due to the iPhone's smaller dimensions, which make it more comfortable to use for the majority of people than the phablet sized Nexus 6, and robust security. Featuring a crisper display, more up to date design, improved A8 processor and reworked camera sensor, the iPhone 6 Plus is an excellent device.

However, it's important to note that many of the rounds resulted as draws owing to the two devices' inherently different uses. The iPhone 6 Plus is definitely a phablet, unlike devices such as the Asus Fonepad, but it doesn't function as a full-on tablet replacement. The iPhone is the better performer, as you might expect with the price difference.

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Beyond that we would recommend the iPhone if you want a phone that can be a productivity tool as well as a consumption and communication device. Go for the Fire Phone if you want to shop, shop, shop. See also: best smartphones: The best phone you can buy in Source: PC Advisor For me this is a no-brainer. Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is a little pricier than the entry-level iPhone 6, but it works out better value when you take into account storage and the fact its price will quickly fall. It has a better screen, better connectivity options, better battery life, a better front camera and although it might not be as fast as the iPhone 6, it's certainly fast enough.

We put these two handsets head to head in our Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 comparison to help you decide.

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Due to the large difference in screen size, it's hard to come to any conclusions about which smartphone is better - not least because the Nexus 6 hasn't even launched and we've yet to put it through its paces. Thus, users can choose the screen size and physical size that suits them better, without feeling as though they've compromised by picking a lesser device either way.

In the Android world, larger phones tend to hog all the best features, and "mini" versions are almost always cut down. The iPhone 6 will please Apple fans as it offers a faster yet familiar user experience, has a great display, a market-leading camera, and excellent call quality. If these are things that matter to you, consider other alternatives such as the Galaxy S5 or the LG G3. If you are already an iPhone user and are unhappy with the screen size, the iPhone 6 is worth the upgrade.

In this, it reminds us in many ways of computers dedicated to gaming, down to their masculine looks - the Droid Turbo is like a little armored soldier, with its Kevlar back and durable materials. Not the iPhone 6 though. Apple seems to have stumbled in the effort to make its iPhone bigger. The new device is all performance and though it sports a good design, it's not the amazing design that we've seen before.

It's still one of the best iPhones till date though and if you thought that the iPhone needed a bigger screen, then go ahead and buy this. Even though the Galaxy S5 can theoretically feature more storage, has a longer battery life and better camera, the iPhone 6 countermands this for enterprise customers by offering improved security and better assurance that it will be able to receive future software updates.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact has little competition in the Android market where most flagships are larger, but when comparing it to the iPhone 6, it goes short of breath in a couple of areas.

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However, as enterprise and business reviewers for us here at V3 the iPhone 6's advanced security features and more robust future-proof potential to receive iOS upgrades make it the safer choice for corporate users and win it this versus review. Offering superior security, more storage options and an elegant yet robust design the iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones ever released. However, featuring a wealth of productivity-focused software additions, superior camera and stellar battery life, the Galaxy Note 4 remains an excellent choice for any one seeking an alternative to Apple devices.

Other than this there's the price, design, storage and additional features to consider. The iPhone 6 is bigger, yet thinner than its predecessor. Its design may not surpass the charm of the iPhone 5s, but is still one of the best in the industry. The camera and music quality are also great. So if you're planning to buy a top-end smartphone this Diwali, the iPhone 6 is definitely a great option.

However, if you're already using the iPhone 5s, better hold on to it. Galaxy Alpha vs. Xperia Z3 Compact: Three kings Source: GSM Arena It's impossible to tally up a final score for this but that was never the point - as usual, the point is to help different users pick out the phone that's right for them. The super mini playground is not as empty as it once was and these three phones are excellent picks at three different price points. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the most affordable of the bunch so it celebrates each of its victories a little louder than the other two.

The Apple iPhone 6 meanwhile is easily the most expensive one and has the most to prove, yet its fans are rarely swayed by such mundane details such as pricing. Avoid the 16GB model. If you want a larger screen and better-stabilised video, the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus should be a good choice if you can afford the difference. The Note 4's screen is not only much larger, but also proved to be the one that is better, more true-to-life even if not by far , and its arsenal of extra features works well with it.

The Note 4's camera is also more flexible, and image quality is right up there with the best — in fact, outdoor shots during the day ended up slightly better than the iPhone 6's. Its optical image stabilization mechanism also helps you record shake- and tremor-free footage. But perhaps the biggest advantage of Samsung's latest device is its far superior battery life — a very valid concern with most of us.

The clarity of the display is very impressive, but if you are not put off by a bigger chassis then you may wish to opt for the iPhone 6 plus, which features a full HD resolution. The other issue for me is the price. However, when it comes to quality and design, in my opinion, there is nothing to rival the iPhone 6 on the market at the time of writing this review.

Taken together they make the iPhone 6 a great example of how to maintain the familiarity of previous releases while delivering significant enhancements and iOS 8 adds many more new features than we've covered here. Overall there's enough on offer to entice existing iPhone owners to invest in an upgrade, and plenty to attract converts to the iPhone ecosystem. Thus, if you are tired of charging your smartphone each and every night, which would happen with the iPhone 6, the Xperia Z3 should be on top of your list.

While the iPhone 6 isn't the cheapest smartphone out there, Apple has reduced the cost compared to the iPhone 5S, so buyers get a better model for slightly less, and the pricing is comparable to other high-end flagship models from rivals. This A8-powered handset can handle any task you throw at it, and its crisp 4. If you're an iPhone user who has always been jealous of the larger phones in your friends' pockets, this is the device for you.

The phone was impressive in battery life, camera, display, and performance categories, but I was ultimately left frustrated by the intricacies of iOS 8 that differ from Android. From Settings and Notifications handling to the silos that still exist while developers get their apps ready for Extensions to that damn physical home button. The HTC One M8 enjoys excellence in design and build, is a top performer and has a beautiful display.

Storage options are limited, but an expansion slot is a bonus. Yes, the processor is a bit faster and the camera is slightly improved, but it's the 4.

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It means a better experience when watching TV or movies on your iPhone, it displays photos better, and it allows more information to be shown on the screen at once. How well does iOS 8 work on a 5. Does the stabilized camera and extra battery life matter? We compare the new iPhone models and help Will decide if he wants to stick with the Plus or return it. Month after month, smartphone after smartphone, it simply has the rounded appeal and performance to be a choice winner amongst consumers. Considering all things, it makes plenty of sense why the iPhone 6 is already finding itself in a similar position of being king of the hill in the smartphone space.

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Naturally, I decided to put my personal iPhone 6 though our usual round of benchmarks. The extra real-estate offers a great benefit that Android users have been enjoying for years now and comes with the added benefit of the best apps around, which will take full advantage of the extra space. It might not be a design classic like the iPhone 4 or iPad mini, but it nevertheless looks and feels great.

Like the 5S before it the iPhone 6 manages to do everything with aplomb — it has no serious weaknesses. The iPhone 6 Plus might have the slightly more detailed screen and OIS, but its size means that it isn't for everyone. For the perfect, all-rounder, every-day phone for most people the iPhone 6 is the best choice. If you're wondering if you should upgrade from an older phone, read our iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 comparison. Add to that the few bumps and bugs we found in iOS 8 along with the spectacular failure of its 8.

As usual, most of the phones its size are even better equipped hardware-wise, but that has never bothered Apple. Apple iPhone 6 review: Almost perfect Source: Gizmag Despite its few relatively minimal flaws, Apple has once again made a compelling case to upgrade to its latest and greatest. The iPhone 6 also presents the strongest argument yet for switching or switching back from Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S5, meanwhile, has a brighter screen and sturdier frame, but falls behind those two phones on elegance. The design, screen size and customisable keyboard are leaps forward. The camera remains one of the best all-round snappers on the market and iOS 8 brings numerous useful updates. However, there are downsides.

The biggest problem remains the fragility, lack of RAM and sealed in battery. If you're looking to stay in Apple's ecosystem, the 5. Review: First impressions of the new iPhone 6 Source: Computerworld. Zippy overall performance. Surprisingly light and thin.

Every new iPhone is the best iPhone yes, I even loved the 5c. The iPhone 6 is faster, runs the new iOS 8, but most importantly has a larger, higher resolution display. Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a Source: PC Advisor Two great smartphones toward the top of the tree, if you are an Apple fanboy you will wish to stay iTunes and the App Store.

Fandroids will swear by the Sony on this one. Unusually, Apple is marginally cheaper, but the Xperia Z3 is ahead on almost all quantifiable metrics. That's where we would put our money, principally because of the expandable storage, better display and more robust build. But the iPhone 6 is a big step forward for Apple, and it is by no means a bad deal.

If you are an iPhone user, and you specifically want an iPhone, it is the best yet. As such it is a slick, well-built, beautifully designed handset. Performance is good, the display is good, and the iOS eco-system is, well, good. The difficulty lies in quantifying the value of the iPhone 6 in the wider market.

Step over to the Android world and you could get a similar experience with a better display for a lot less money. And you could expand the storage. There is no question that these days there is better value in the Android world, but value isn't really the point with an iPhone. If you are dedicated to using an Apple phone, it should be your next handset.

It matches or bests the iPhone 6 in all quantifiable metrics. Ultimately the decision is based on two subjective things: build quality and design, and the Android platform vs the iOS ecosystem. If you are an iPhone user and you like iOS and iTunes, it seems unlikely that the saving of a few quid would make you switch sides to the LG. But if you did it is unlikely you would be disappointed. Still, it isn't simply a supersized iPhone 6, as well. It's more like a heavy-duty iPhone 6, designed to cater to the needs of users who want to get some more productivity out of their mobile handset.

With its bigger screen, the slight iOS 8 enhancements, and better battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus is the bigger and better variant of the iPhone 6. You call yourself a hardcore mobile user who's into the Apple ecosystem? It looks like the iPhone 6 Plus has been made for you. One thing's certain, however — whether you pick the iPhone 6 or the HTC One M8 , you will receive your money's worth in exchange. You just need to know what your priorities are when making the choice between these two great models. When it comes to design, the two phones stand in the same league with their meticulously crafted metal bodies.

But the iPhone 6 is definitely the more compact one with its slim and lightweight construction. The M8 might be larger and heavier, but its offers a bigger screen with higher resolution and a pair of great front-facing speakers. But the reality is that such an answer will inevitably be, to put it lightly, completely misleading. There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all, and it ultimately comes down to your right to exercise choice.

It brings everything you can expect from an iPhone in a much larger package — the build is as premium as ever, and the screen is bright and very accurate. In contrast, the Note 3 has a not-so-impressive plastic body, but it has replaceable battery and microSD slot. Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. Another practicality is that old chestnut of micro SD storage expansion or the lack thereof.

It will remain a sticking point for many but it certainly doesn't seem to have affected sales. But Sir Jony was right: the 5 was more comfortable in your hand. But even we accept that in the smartphone world Apple's rivals are catching up. In the case of this rival, however, we can't see many compelling reasons to choose the Xperia Z3 over the iPhone 6. Cameras, perhaps. Display, definitely. But although the Xperia is more robust than the iPhone it isn't as pretty, and in all other respects - including price - we'd choose the iPhone 6. Source: PC Advisor It's too early to give a definitive verdict, but if you prefer a smaller screen, go for the iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage.

If you want a larger screen and better-stabilised video, the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus should be a good choice. Android and iOS is the biggest difference here and it's worth noting that the iPhone 6 is behind the HTC One M8 in many specs even though it costs more. It feels lovely in the hand, despite the extra size.

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It has the best screen of any iPhone - big enough to be useful, with gorgeous colours. It's the most powerful iPhone ever, even if in use all you'll know is that it feels very fast. It has the best battery of any iPhone ever, lasting well into a second day. And it also packs some of Apple's biggest software innovations in years, although we'll have to wait for the likes of Apple Pay to make their way over here. The genuinely longer battery life that comes as a bonus with the bigger chassis is nicely unexpected.

Had Apple just changed the shape but kept the same inherent problems? Was there really enough new to make it a phone that really helped the company leap forward? The answer is: the iPhone 6 is a brilliant phone. It's the first time I'd even consider using an iPhone as my daily device, thanks to the larger screen, better keyboard and most importantly upgraded battery life.

Whether they do enough to justify their price tags is debatable, but these are extremely desirable products. The iPhone 6 is a beautiful smartphone with a great screen, the NFC equipment to give you access to Apple Pay when it launches here next year and of course a brilliant operating system; the iPhone 6 Plus adds longer battery life and a very high-resolution and even bigger screen. Features-wise you can probably get more of the latest innovations from the Android line-up but the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer stronger security, a higher standard of apps and a user experience which many will prefer.

Still used to the screens of the iPhone 5 series, we might be tempted to save a little money and go for the iPhone 6 and its cautiously expanded form factor; but those who fancy the better media and gaming potential of a 5. While their processors run faster and their cameras focus more exactingly, the real story is that these are larger phones with larger screens. The public asked for bigger and Apple delivered not only bigger but better, too. A stunning Retina HD display, blisteringly fast A8 processor, and class-leading connectivity make these the best iPhones ever. Apple iPhone 6 preview: The logical upgrade for iPhone users Source: Pocket Lint The iPhone 6 is the logical step-up for iPhone owners and one that upgraders and disillusioned Android users will come flocking back to, now that the small screen size issues that were troubling Apple have disappeared.

There is no doubting that the new iPhone is a lovely device with plenty to offer and a leap forwards in design and power. Along with larger screens and a completely new iPad-style design with an ultra thin body and rounded corners, the two new phones offer faster processors, better cameras, and Apple's new Apple Pay payment system.

The way the glass subtly curves to meet the aluminum casing shows its quality, with tolerances and materials that make many rival phones feel cheap and toy-like. While the iPhone 6 may not have the densest pixel count or biggest screen, the display still hits high marks as one of the best LCDs available on mobile devices, featuring great viewing angles, as well as vibrant and uniform colors even in direct sunlight.

High-Tech auf Premium-Niveau? Finally, a big iPhone! Many people might have thought that, since the iPhone 6 Plus surpasses the 5s by 1. In addition, there is a very slim aluminum body, but it cannot meet the high expectations. The term Bendgate combines the mocking of the competition and frustration of the owners about the unintentionally flexible iPhone. And with stunning, and arguably more versatile, phablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also vying for your hefty wodge of cash, there's one key question you should ask yourself before splashing out: do you prefer Android or iOS?

Rest assured that whichever you choose, your money will buy you one of the best phablets out there. Apple iPhone 6s plus. We hope this Infographic will help you decide which Smartphone is the right one for you! It is certainly an excellent phone and the 3D Touch execution is truly innovative. Live photos, 4K video recording, a generally fast user experience is what makes this phone stand out from competition.

Ultimate Phablet Battle Source: Tom's Guide The iPhone 6s comes out barely on top because it is significantly faster both in real-world scenarios and synthetic benchmarks , and because it simply takes better pictures based on our side-by-side comparisons. The iPhone 6s is no slouch in the features department, either, as its 3D Touch adds a level of immersion to the overall user experience while saving you time.

There are some other changes as well such as an addition of a 4th microphone and an insanely faster TouchID that barely lets you see the lock screen. Apple has also made the iPhone 6s a bit more water resistant. You get all of that with both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Jeremy and Norm go over the 12 most important things learned from using the new iPhones, from both the perspective of an annual iPhone buyer and an Android user.

Here's why we think that this year's iPhone features don't have a huge impact on our daily use of the phone. It was also one of the faster cameras tested, while the Nexus was sometimes slow to shoot. Those looking for the best smartphone camera around will find it in the iPhone 6s Plus. The 6S Plus is a great choice of handset for anyone looking for a phablet with a premium build, although the cost could prove prohibitive. Those coming from other platforms or otherwise contemplating trying an iPhone for the first time have plenty to look forward to but with so many excellent Android phones to choose from at a range of price points and new Windows phones just around the corner, defecting to Apple is a much harder sell than in years past.

It packs a lot of extra features for the money, and both 3D Touch and Hey Siri have become a regular part of our iPhone experience that we wouldn't want to go without. The phone will last much longer with more RAM. Get the iPhone 6s Plus if possible. Like I said before, a device's worth isn't tied directly to a single feature: The important thing is how all of its components and design flourishes and features and interaction elements fit together as a unified whole. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus nail it -- mostly. The two simply did not belong to the same device category.

In , however, we have the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note5, which are clear and formidable opponents. But picking a favorite among the two could be tricky. The phablets are comparable in terms of display size and overall dimensions. Also, the latest Galaxy Note offering is about as attractive and well-designed as the iPhone 6 Plus. It also has a superior screen, longer battery life, and a striking, innovative design.

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