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Managers invite photographers to take team pictures during organized theme holidays; mentors from outside are often hired to teach languages to the staff; educative software may be purchased, as well as gaming areas and flexible hours allowed. Managers develop engagement strategies to get committed staff in return.

They say a committed employee would work overtime hours when necessary, and show an enthusiasm even when nobody is watching. On the other hand, there is a threat of extensive HR attention evolving into the micromanagement.

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The latest is the style of looking-over-the-shoulder overall control, which ruins a healthy corporate environment and demoralizes employees. The business value theory suggests that committed staff facilitates business productivity; which could be also understood vice versa — corporate productivity is high enough, that is a true sign of engaged employees! The rationale of monitoring idle time is that an employee might be logged in, but invests the productive morning hours into a coffee break or socializing with co-workers. Refer to Productivity Monitoring Software Functions.

Psychologically, employees — who are aware of business goals of non-using working hours for distractions — tend to show more self-control.

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The Behavioral Analysis Reports, by assessing the working style of employees, define the committed staff from self-interested employees in a non-intrusive manner. Just buy only one software and then you can use it with all-round functionality, which saves you plenty of money to buy more products for extra requirement and brings you convenience for use. Recording every employee computer activities, include keystrokes, clipboard activities, screenshots, file documents copy, move, paste, delete, rename, create , print jobs, E-mail, webmail GMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and all other popular webmail , online storage usage, FTP file transfer, websites, searches, file downloads, program usage and time, Skype, QQ, ICQ, AIM, Google talk chat, Facebook, Twitter activities, removable storage usage, application network traffic, system events and so on.

All aspects users need are taken into account, encompassing logging, filtering, limiting, backing up, disabling, remote accessing, alerting and reporting. One server computer and router which make client computers connect with server terminal will be enough to build up EAM working environment.

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Are you intended to monitor what your employees are doing but also worried about your employees find themselives being monitored? Be assured that there are no pop-up window, notification or shortcut after our agent program is installed on the employee's computer.

EmpMonitor | Best Employee Monitoring Software for Productive Team

No one would find our software installed on client computer because it is working totally stealthily. It is rare that no signs are left after monitoign software is installed on target device. What makes Employee Activity Monitor is so different from other similiar products is that our software enables you to see what your employee is doing in real-time and send you alerts when some keywords are detected and this feauture ensure user to get the infomation about employee's computer activities in the first time.

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Employee Activity Monitor is able to support viewing single remote desktop and up to 30 mutiple remote desktops at same time. Besides, real-time alerts will be sent to console panel when some events occur such as removable disk inserting, document printing, traffic exceeding, website visting, etc. It is very common that monitoring software providers charges annual subscritption for buying their products, however iMonitor Software runs business in a differrent way.

Only paying once can you own Employee Activity Monitor in your life time. What we offer you is a truly lifetime use after you purchase Employee Activity Monitor, because you can transfer license to another computer without paying extra money. If you met any troubles about deploy or have any confusion about how to use; our technical team would quick response to provide you online remote guidance until the problem solved.

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This computer-monitoring software is running in total stealth mode and it can secretly monitor employees. The software is not visible in the system tray, desktop, system processes or other areas of the computer. Designed to protect company data and ensure employee productivity and adherence to company policy, iMonitor EAM gives admins access to a central dashboard that oversees the entire staff ecosystem.

If you are looking for a robust, comprehensive, tried, tested and trusted employee monitoring software solution then look no further than Employee Activity Monitor. All in all, this is a brilliant employee monitoring program with a huge amount of benefits.

Employee Monitoring Software

There's a few things that could be added, like more scheduling options and the ability to monitor email attachments but the comprehensive document monitoring more than makes up for this. Employee Activity Monitor. Free Trial! Mac OS X. Terminal server. Employee Monitoring Software Employee Activity Monitor is a top-level, all-in-one and centralized employee computer monitoring software designed for enterprises, education orgs and governments. Prevent confidential crisis EAM automatically detect and track the employee risk or inappropriate behavior such as important documents and files be copied, deleted or sent.