Catch a cheating boyfriend

Part 2: How to Catch Cheating Spouse

However, this is ideally done without getting your hands on his phone to maintain secrecy. Cocospy is a trusted name in the phone monitoring space and is used by millions of customers in more than countries around the world. The world leader in the field, Cocospy is a reputed and reliable company that has been featured prominently in major news outlets as well. This is a versatile app that is very easily set up in minutes.

Girlfriend Hires Woman to Catch Her Boyfriend Cheating but It Backfires Massively

The Cocospy app runs in stealth mode, an advanced technology which allows it to run unnoticed. You can then begin to track all activities of your partner from the control panel on your computer or device. If your boyfriend has an iPhone, on the other hand, you do not even need to install or download anything on his phone. Being one of the most popular messaging platforms around, it is likely that you will find some valuable clues here. What messages is he receiving and from whom?

Look out for suspicious activity. SMS is a convenient way to quickly get in touch with someone without having to install or use any app or platform. Needless to say, social media is where it all happens these days.

7 Effective Tricks to Catch a Cheater

Cocospy will give you inside access to all data, even deleted Snapchat images. Cocospy makes it really simple for you to catch your boyfriend cheating. Have questions? Let us see some of the FAQs. If you catch your spouse cheating on you, it might be time for a direct talk.

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Speak to him and let him know that you know and that it will not work this way. Use an app such as Cocospy to view all his Instagram messages in a discreet manner.

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  • You merely need the ID and password associated with his iCloud account to see all installed apps, messages, and more on his iPhone! You do not need to be a tech wizard to discover infidelity in your relationship with your boyfriend and to catch him cheating. As QuaVaundra Perry , PhD, and licensed psychologist explains, snooping can often raise more questions than it answers. You might find information that could be misinterpreted without context, or you might find something that increases your doubts.

    Think ahead as to how you'll respond.

    Just the inkling of being cheated on can open lots of insecurities. If you ask your partner if they've been unfaithful and they confirm your suspicions, it's best to plan for the worst case scenario so you're not blindsided.


    As Perry points out, it might feel good to blast your cheating ex on social media after they admit any wrongdoing, but you may regret it in the future. Leave it to the pros. If you're really curious, h ire a PI.

    Have an exit strategy. If you're married or share assets, look into getting a divorce lawyer.

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    Alton L. Abramowitz, a divorce attorney with SSRGA , suggests creating a separate email address used only to communicate with your lawyer. This way, he explains, you can freely talk to your lawyer without fear that your partner will learn what you've told your lawyer in confidence. Follow Carina on Twitter.

    How to Catch a Cheating Husband?

    Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Here's what the experts do recommend you do when you suspect your partner may be cheating: 1.

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